Content of the classes

 Yoga for adults

During yoga classes, I do not practice. My full attention is directed to my students.

Yoga classes usually start and end with the “OM”. Chanting “OM” underlines the beginning and the end of the Yoga class. The vibration created by “OM” has an effect on the energies in the body and helps the mind to concentrate.

Yoga classes begin with breathing exercises. The body is then gently put into movement, in particular with the Sun Salutations.

You are now ready to practice Yoga postures that make the body stronger and more flexible in all directions (side inclinations, twists, forward and backward stretching, reverse poses).

Yoga classes end with a time of relaxation.

For all: to each according to their current form and practice

Intermediate: after 2 or 3 years of practive

Soft practice: sessions that focus on mobility, balance and breathing capacity

Pre- et post-natal Yoga

Future or young moms, improve your well-being and that of your baby, your ability to relax and recover form and energy after delivery with postures and breathing practices.

Gasquet method by a certified teacher.

Babies are welcomed to the "post-natal" sessions.

Yoga from 8 to 13 years old

Learn one's body and breath and install a correct posture thanks to a dynamic and funful practice.

Yoga Nidra

It's a long relaxation. Once the body set up in relaxation, you will be offered concentration and visualisation practices that will deepen your mind relaxation.


Meditations are guided.

We'll start with a 20 min samatha meditation (inside tranquility) then a 10 min walking mditation and finally a 20 min vedana meditation (contemplation of sensations) or metta meditation (loving kindness).


Yoga workshops for adults

During these workshops, we'll take the time to go more deeply into some poses and breathing exercices and to discover other practices through massages, self-massages, practices in pairs, tasting, chanting... around a given theme.

Yoga workshops for adults and kids

These workshops are open to children from 3 to 10.

Together with your kid, your grand-kid, your nephew, your niece..., experience and share presence and listening through poses, breathings, laughs, songs, relaxations and more.


Yoga for the eyes

Muscle relaxation and mobilization exercises to reduce eye strain.