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New photos

You think the new pictures on my Website are beautifull.

Believe me Celine is even more beautifull when she takes her pictures.

Thank you Céline

To contact Céline:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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This summer, we work on our waking up habits

Before we are Awaken (well, that’s not tomorrow for me at least), we should work on the way we waken up each morning.

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Summer time exercice (2)

During the Summer holydays, may I suggest that you do a very simple, no-time-consuming but so enligthning practice.


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Summer time exercice

May I suggest you a little exercise for the Summer ?

You'll do it when you want, where you want and during the time (one hour, a ballad, a dinner, …) which you want.


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A story of holes in which you have to fall many times before ...

In her poem «Autobiography in five short chapters», Portia Nelson describes in a funny but so true manner the way to a better connection to reality.

We all do stuff out of habit, without even asking ourselves whether they give an adequate answer to what is happening now. We just do as we have always done.

It's a good exercice to try and notice our «deep holes in the sidewalk».

Enjoy your reading.

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Stop rebirthing here and now 

I have read with delight The Mind and the Way, Buddhist Reflections on Life by Ajahn Sumedho (Rider Ed.).

You want to read it too !

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Jon Kabat-Zinn on Mindfulness

I was looking for a meditation center nearby my place* on the Net and I found this video of Jon Kabat-Zinn at Google in 2007.

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Tim Minchin's speach

Thanks to my friend Loïc, I listened to the twelve first minutes of this video.

Do it too and you won't regret it !

Tim Minchin urges its audience to practice yoga, he can't be wrong !

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How useful it is to be useless


How useful it is to be useless.

I was reading Joseph Goldstein's book, The Experience of Insight, when I learned that my long-waited-for-and-dreamed-about project to become a full time yoga teacher was about to become reality. We were moving to Limoges where my only job will be to give yoga classes.

When starting a new project, it is good to be reminded some basic truth such as the one Joseph Goldstein points out in the text below.

Enjoy the reading or just listen!


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