Stop rebirthing here and now 

I have read with delight The Mind and the Way, Buddhist Reflections on Life by Ajahn Sumedho (Rider Ed.).

You want to read it too !

It makes Buddhism so clear. You can feel that Ajahn Sumedho has had a direct experience of what he is talking about.

I've been especially appealed by his vision of the Rebirth issue. So enigmatic, almost uncomfortable to me until I read it explained by him.

You don't have to die to stop rebirthing. You "just" have to stop desiring being someone else, somewhere else. If you make peace with who you are, where and how you live than you can start living for real and stop rebirthing again and again.

Below some extracts from pages 52 to 54 of Ajahn Sumedho's book:

"You can see rebirth directly ; you don't have to believe in a theory of rebirth. Rebirth is something that occurs in what you are doing all the time. [...] If you are unhappy and depressed, you look for something that you can absord into that will give you some happy feeling, or at least get you away from the unpleasantness of the moment. That's rebirth. When you are fritened or uncertain, you have to try to do something to get away from it, to make yourself, sure and safe. When you are bored, you have to do someting to get your of that. [...] Rebirth is trying to become something right now. You are not content, not at peace with the way things are. You want things to be different; you want to become something else."