Summer time exercice

May I suggest you a little exercise for the Summer ?

You'll do it when you want, where you want and during the time (one hour, a ballad, a dinner, …) which you want.


You spot mentally all the times when you say "no".

No, it should not be so warm. No, it should not rain. No, the waitress should be more pleasant. No, my shoe should not hurt my foot.

No, no, no, that should not be like that!

Except that … that is the way it is.

It is warm, it is raining, the waitress is tired and it's me that takes it all …

Yes, that is the way it is and not otherwise. That could be otherwise but the reality is that it is as it is.

I made this exercise for the first time during a week of yoga with Patricia Hoarau-Blanchard. It was a long time ago, at least, boulala, 20 years. NO, it is not possible, that can't make so long a time (hi hi).

And since then, I practice from time to time.

Try, that opens perspectives!

I wish you a beautiful summer.